How Does Nose Magic Works

Does nose magic work? how does nose magic works

Cartilage is a unique tissue. It is a highly malleable, movable and moldable body tissue in our nose. It is also found in the ears and joints. To illustrate, simply use your hand to push your nose back and forth, up and down, and you’ll quickly realize it can be easily moved. Applying pressure on flexible cartilage is how the Nose Magic™ is used to correct the nose’s appearance. Our nose is mostly made up of cartilage and cartilage is 90% water. Cartilage is a bendable, movable and moldable body tissue and a consistent application of pressure will change it shape over time.


Many have seen cultures and traditions in Africa and other countries which widen the nose and ears using something as simple as rings and various metals, this is a perfect example of how the Nose Magic™ works. Over time, the nose will gradually take on the shape you give it. Nose Magic™ is the best alternative to nose surgery. It is used for atleast 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks. Take note that when using Nose Magic, result really varies depending on the initial nose size and shape.




Open the hinges and place it on your nose, closer to the bottom where the cartilage is. Remember, consistency is important in using this product so wear it every day for about 15 minutes.


Continue using Nose Magic™ right after seeing the results, we suggest you keep using it for a few more days so that your nose can adapt to its new shape. We recommend wearing Nose Magic™ for another 2 to 4 weeks so your nose can fully adjust to its new shape. Click here for a video tutorial on how to use Nose Magic.

Cartilage is almost 90 percent water. It is a highly moldable tissue. If bones could be straighten using skeletal tractions, If spine could be fixed using braces and if a deformed foot could be re aligned using medical boots how much more our cartilage? In ancient china, women wore small shoes to make their feet smaller and the bones in the feet is not even a cartilage. If we can mold a bone how much more a cartilage?

Dr. Shiori Ikeda, Creator of Nose Magic™

I am an Orthopedic Surgeon and I know that the essence of my work is to manipulate bones using traction, internal and external fixations. Bones, when pressure is applied for a very long time could alter its shape. Notice that boxers and wrestlers have deformed nose and ears as cartilages are more moldable than bones. Nose Magic™ may really help make the nose smaller. The key to success is consistency in its use.

Dr. Victor Hernandez, Orthopedic Surgeon

In my opinion, Nose Magic™ is the best alternative there is for Rhinoplasty. Using this product for 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks or more may help alter the shape of the nose gradually. This product is safe and effective and meets our strict standard of safety and efficacy. The cartilage will alter its shape over time. Consistence usage may greatly improve the appearance and shape of the nose.

Dr. Monique Megens, Cosmetic Surgeon